A.ban.doned Human Baby in the Mountains was saved thanks to a Smart str.ay Dog!

Dogs are very clever!

What a hero for saving the little baby so happy he found her and she’s safe he deserves an award!
We hope this wonderful dog was rescued and taken care of!

Dogs, as we all know, are extremely loyal and intelligent animals. That’s why we love dogs so much.

Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorcycle through the mountains of Cebu, Philippines, on a clear day like any other. A dog appeared out of nowhere and began running after him.

The four-legged boy was barking nonstop as if he was desperate to tell Junrell something. Junrell came to a halt and followed the dog to see where he led him, sensing something was wrong. Junrrel came to a halt at a dump after hearing a child cry.

He quickly discovered a newborn baby boy wrapped in a brown towel and a.ban.doned him completely. However, thanks to the furry hero, the baby was discovered to be in good health and was taken to the nearest police station. The baby was eventually placed in the care of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. Authorities urged the a.ban.doned mother to come forward, as well as anyone with information.

After this touching story spread on social media in the Philippines, many people were moved by the dog’s extraordinary bravery. Blacky, the dog, has become a hero.
Not all heroes wear capes, nor are they all human!

The brave dog was initially thought to be a str.ay, but it was discovered that he had a home. Gea explained that the Philippines’ str.ay animal problem is so [sev.ere] that it requires public assistance. He stated that all animals’ lives are extremely valuable.

Dogs and cats, like Blacky, can actually save people and bring joy into our lives.
Dogs are amazing…! They are so loving and this dog was certainly the baby’s guardian angel.

Never EVER underestimate animals…they are truly amazing.

We hope the dog got a forever home too he deserves a better life as with the baby.

God bless you both for saving the baby.

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