A puppy born with six legs and two tails was rejected by his mother, but he did not give up on life.

There are still many people born with unexpected birth defects in this world. Some are welcomed and cherished, while others are despised because of their peculiarities. Animals are the same way. Skipper is one illustration of such a scenario. Her mother rejected the unique puppy born with six legs and two tails.

The Aussie/Collie mix was born naturally on February 16th, along with eight siblings in Oklahoma. While her siblings and sisters were all totally healthy and normal, Skipper’s condition was a little different. Her mother had also abandoned her, so the small cat was transported to Neel Veterinary Hospital for better medical treatment.

People believe Skipper is the first of her species to survive, and they refer to her as a “miracle.”

“This is Skipper, a miracle.” Literally. With her mix of congenital problems, she has survived longer than we think any other canine has (at just 4 days old – published research does not show one has been born alive),” the hospital said on Facebook.

So, what had transpired to cause Skipper to be so bizarre and unusual? According to the hospital’s vets, it appeared that one egg in the cat mother’s womb was likely to divide into twins but did not totally succeed, and the unique dog was the product of that procedure.

Skipper has conquered her situation and is still alive thanks to her own determination and proper medical care. The child also has duplicate organs from her waist down, yet they are still functional.

Skipper is now surrounded by affection, and many people are praying for her. Some people are still concerned about Skipper’s health, but her caregivers have confirmed that she “is a happy and healthy puppy.” She is not in pain and is not anticipated to be.” So, evidently, we have nothing to be concerned about, at least for the time being.

Concerning her future, Neel Veterinary Hospital stated on Facebook that they “do not intend to put her down because there is no evidence she is in pain or will be.” The vets anticipate Skipper to have a rich and happy life, but they have no clue what the future holds, so they are “expecting a voyage.”

The hospital has set up a Facebook page for people to watch Skipper’s progress, which has over 55 thousand followers so far.

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