Abandoned Blind Dog Lovingly Clung To Her Rescuer In Fear Of Being Abandoned Again

Muneca is a lovely 18-year-old blind dog that was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles, California, since her owner “couldn’t” continue to care for her. This was a significant upheaval in this dog’s life; she was abandoned precisely when she needed company the most.

Muneca was given the proper veterinary treatment when she arrived at the shelter. She was infested with fleas, which led rescuers to believe she was not being properly cared for by her previous owner; in addition to losing her vision, this canine also has hearing issues.

CREDIT: Pet Rescue Report

A woman named Elaine Seamans went to visit Muneca the Tuesday after she arrived at the rescue facility, and the dog, looking for affection and protection, clung to her and refused to let her go.

CREDIT: Pet Rescue Report

John Hwang, a man who went to the animal rescue facility for a photographic project, caught the heartbreaking scene. These photographs went viral on social media, causing quite a commotion.

“Elaine was already holding the puppy when I arrived at the shelter,” Hwang told The Dodo. “The girl was clinging to her.”

CREDIT: Pet Rescue Report

“Elaine is amazing with dogs,” she says. “She kisses the shelter dogs as she rolls on the ground with them. She has a special connection with them. I enjoy catching that.”

CREDIT: Pet Rescue Report

“Finally, I want the individual who views the photo to feel a connection,” Hwang explains. “If I can capture the appropriate type of connection, the viewer will experience it as well.”

CREDIT: Pet Rescue Report

Muneca was welcomed by the San Diego-based animal rescue charity Frosted Faces Foundation as a result of the photograph distribution. The major goal of this organization is to gather donations to care for and make happy senior dogs for the rest of their lives.

Although it appeared impossible for Muneca to find a new home, things changed in her favor after the image shot by John Hwang was widely circulated on social media, and a great number of individuals from all over the world expressed interest in adopting her and it was Amy Gann who was lucky enough.

CREDIT: Pet Rescue Report

Many of the individuals interested in Muneca were vetted by the shelter staff in order to select the appropriate one, and when they saw this woman, they did not hesitate to choose her.

Gann created a sling to keep Muneca near to her at all times while she worked. Doll is a blind dog, but regardless of her handicap, she is quite glad to be enjoying the warmth and affection of her new family.

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