After 14 adoptions fell through, ‘unlucky’ dog Ronald has finally found a home

 Every dog in a shelter wants to find their very own forever home, but despite shelters’ best efforts, adoption isn’t always simple. Some animals spend a very long time looking for the ideal home, and adoption attempts occasionally fail.

The story of Ronald, a dog with a particularly terrible “unlucky streak” after 14 failed adoption efforts, was shared last week. Nevertheless, he persisted. finds a home for this lovely dog at last!

On January 11th, the Wake County SPCA made Ronald’s story public. Despite only weighing 63 pounds, Ronald is a “big boy” with a muscular build who would have been “too big/strong” for some households, especially those with young children. They think Ronald’s tall stature played a part in his several fruitless housing hunts.

Additionally, they referred to Ronald as a “huge puppy” that, when excited or acting “a little mouthy,” would stand up on his paws and place them on you.

The SPCA was sure that there was someone out there for whom Ronald would make the perfect friend, despite the fact that he may have been a little “too much” of a dog for certain families.

Ronald accepts compliments with gratitude and normally follows directions. He is an extremely good boy, according to the SPCA. He enjoys winning praise and demonstrating his abilities, so he will learn new skills quickly and use them well in any circumstance.

Thankfully, Ronald’s situation quickly got better. After his tale went viral and numerous people expressed interest in adopting him, the shelter was “maxed out” on adoption requests.

He will soon be free of his miserable conditions, SPCA spokeswoman Samantha Ranlet said WRAL. We have a serious workload problem.

The SPCA immediately announced the astonishing discovery, saying, “Ronald’s bad luck streak has officially ended.”

The SPCA states that “his new family reports that he is doing so great with the kids, and they are just smitten with him.” They presented his most recent family photos and talked about how well Ronald had integrated with them.

After 14 unsuccessful attempts, Ronald seems to have had success with adoption. The SPCA was overjoyed by the fantastic news and the tremendous show of support for Ronald.

Thank you very much for sharing Ronald’s story, they wrote on Facebook. Your kind offers to help him and your encouraging remarks deeply touched us.Ronald was able to get in touch with roughly one million people on the first day thanks to the widely dispersed nature of your shares. His entire environment abruptly and drastically changed. How much power you all have at your keyboards to alter someone’s life never ceases to astound us!

We are so happy that Ronald has finally found his “permanent home” and that his “bad luck” is past. Tell everyone the fantastic news!

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