Assistance Dog Does Not Leave A Child With Autism Alone, Not Even In The Hospital

The world of James Isaac, a 9-year-old kid, may be confusing and frightening. James is an autistic youngster from Wellington, New Zealand, who cannot talk and is uncomfortable with touch and eye contact with his family. Fortunately, the boy has Mahe, an assistance dog that never leaves his side.

Mahe was permitted to accompany James to the hospital for an MRI to determine the reason of his seizures, and Mahe stayed next to James in his hospital bed. Despite the fact that the youngster was under general anesthesia, Mahe remained at his side, worriedly caressing his face.

CREDIT: Michelle Isaac

James’ mother, Michelle Isaac, stated:

“He was just staring at James, really concerned.”

Mahe sat next to Michelle in the hospital cafeteria while James was being cared for to both comfort the mother and the youngster.

CREDIT: Michelle Isaac

Mahe’s assistance during the hospital visit was quite essential. According to Michelle, Mahe has been so crucial in James’ most regular trips since he entered his life two and a half years ago that the family’s life has improved greatly.

CREDIT: Michelle Isaac

The support dog trained by Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust makes James comfortable while they are out on the street, when he used to feel worried and scared, as Michelle says going out in public with James used to be a nightmare.

CREDIT: Michelle Isaac

A securing strap connects Mahe to James. Mahe sits down and does not move if he gets too far away or begins going towards a busy roadway.

CREDIT: Michelle Isaac

Mahe was picked for autism training because of his calm demeanor, according to Wendy Isaacs, the Trust’s fund development manager.

“A child with autism and dogs have a special bond that only they can understand. Children make eye contact with the dog but not with their parents or siblings.”

CREDIT: Michelle Isaac

If James’ attacks continue, Mahe might be trained to detect an early warning signal by crying or barking to alarm his parents, according to her.

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