At 72, Lynda Carter proudly shares why she embraces natural beauty: “I am who I am,” she boldly declares.

Lynda Carter, aged 72, firmly denies undergoing any cosmetic procedures and expressed her concerns about looking unfamiliar at the recent God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards in New York. She’s best known for her role as Wonder Woman and embraces her natural self, eschewing surgical alterations while occasionally using Botox treatments. Her secret to staying fit is daily Peloton exercise.

Carter believes that true beauty transcends age, emphasizing inner qualities and strength, saying, “We, as women, possess intricate qualities and an inner strength that defines us.” She sees women as the bearers of humanity and embraces the empowerment that her Wonder Woman role brought to women during her 1975-1979 TV show run.

She encourages readers to share the article with fellow Wonder Woman fans who have fond memories of the show, as it offers insight into her empowering message.

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