Blind dog runs excited to recognize the voice of his savior

To get to have an unconditional friend, it is only necessary to give a gesture of love to a vulnerable puppy. And so you will have more than a friend, a fellow guardian who, regardless of his condition, will always be by your side.

These adorable puppies are some of the most grateful animals in the world. Once you help them, they will create a special bond and, without a doubt, you will be part of their favorite people. This is how Arafa shows us, a dog who for a long time spent his days in misery suffering from the apathy of people.

Unfortunately, his situation is much worse, because unlike many other stray dogs, this one is completely blind. His sense of smell and intuition became his best tool to survive on the streets of Cairo, Egypt. It was on the streets that he acquired an infection in his eyes that left him permanently blind.

The darkness that surrounded him came to an end when a good man, Ahmed Embaby, a volunteer from Furever Resue Foster, saw him on the street alone and helpless. The man did not hesitate to help him and rescue him from the terrible situation in which he found himself.

Immediately, his rescuer took him to the shelter where he was able to receive medical attention, water, food and most importantly, they gave him all the love he had never received. «He Came to us. Arafa is one of the hundreds of dogs we have rescued,” Ahmed said. Little by little the dog was recovering energy, during that time he had won the heart of his rescuer and without him realizing they were his best friends.

They had built a perfect relationship where regardless of the dog’s blindness, it was enough for Arafa to recognize the voice of the man who gave him a new opportunity for him to run into his arms.

“Arafa is my blind guardian and he follows me everywhere,” Ahmed said. Every day before starting the work day, Ahmed arrives at the shelter and sweetly calls his faithful companion, Arafa euphorically runs out to greet him.

Between hectic jumps, tender tail movements and sweet kisses, this couple greets each other and begins a new day where they almost always stay together the rest of the day. “It’s exhilarating. It never ceases to amaze me how elated Arafa displays when I show up at the Furever Refuge. He just shows that a dog’s love is unconditional and extraordinarily pure,” Ahmed said.

This adorable dog is safe, although he will never be able to recover his vision again, that does not limit him to being a happy dog. His physical and emotional health has greatly improved thanks to the care of Ahmed and all the workers at the shelter.

For the shelter staff there is no greater satisfaction than seeing the puppies happy and showing them in their own way how grateful they are to have taken them off the streets. However, the goal is that both Arafa and each puppy that lives in the shelter can be adopted and find a permanent home. And may it increase their happiness and treat them with all the love and respect they deserve.

“They are doing very well. I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel when we see our rescues improve. The unconditional gratitude and love of the dogs is inspiring, their ability to move on in life is incredible,” Ahmed said. Arafa shows us that there are no barriers to showing love and that everything can be overcome when the right help is received.

Below you can see the video where Arafa and Ahmed meet each morning in the shelter:

Share this beautiful story with your friends and family. So that they can value what the animals in need value our help.

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