Blind Staffie Finds A Guide In His Forever Friend

 When Jess Martin volunteered at her neighborhood animal shelter, she met the adorable Staffordshire named Amos who was born blind. She welcomed him into her home right away after finding out that he was having trouble finding his forever family. Amos’s temporary foster home quickly changed into the place that would have a lasting impact on his life.

When Toby, her nine-year-old terrier, met his foster sibling, Jess worried about how Toby would react. Toby was Jess’s best friend. They had shared some incredible experiences and had forged a strong bond, so the idea of growing their small family seemed a little daunting. After a few days of uncertainty, Toby and Amos’ friendship grew.

Amos had spent his entire life in a rescue facility and had never lived in a house before meeting Jess. Amos was tired of the way carpet felt on his paws, would run into walls, and became terrified of TV sounds. For the blind puppy, simple tasks like locating the water bowl were very challenging.

Toby was initially dubious of Amos, but Jess quickly noticed something extraordinary. If Toby saw Amos squinting to find his water bowl, she would nudge him in the right direction. The occasional gentle prod that started out as it did eventually became Amos getting his own guide. The fact that Jess and her family had gained yet another beloved friend was known to them.

As Amos grew older, an eye doctor examined him. It was concluded that his eyes were most likely causing him daily pressure and anguish, and that removing the eyes would be the most humanitarian choice. Soon after the operation, Toby assumed the role of Amos’ “unofficial guide dog.”

When Amos and Toby first went for walks together, he was anxious. He would be terrified by the sounds around him and would need to stop frequently to rest and refocus. When he was ready to continue, Toby would immediately lay down next to him!

Hiking across the hills is now one of the furry best friends’ favorite hobbies! Toby guides Amos across the hills with body bumps and nudges, and if he strays, he helps guide him back to the path.

They have a good relationship and respect one another’s limitations.

Amos has learned the art of hiking, but he still has a lot to learn about socializing and how to socialize with other dogs. Toby would frequently act as a go-between during these interactions since many dogs are scared off by Amos’ inability to talk like a normal dog would. Every day, Jess and Toby work together to enhance his sociability skills!

Without a doubt, Toby is the best guide and bodyguard Amos could ask for! They had found a lifelong friend in one another.

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