Boy Spends His Free Time Giving Baths to Stray Dogs in the Hope That They Will Be Adopted

 The compassion that youngsters exhibit for creatures in need at such a young age is always uplifting to witness.

Children helping homeless animals is extremely appealing because these creatures are always in need of a little extra human kindness. Children have come up with inventive ways to help these animals find their forever homes.

For instance, one young man spends his entire Saturday shampooing homeless dogs to make them more adoptable.

Brazilian youngster Thiago, 11, is the inspiration behind a wonderful initiative to assist local shelter dogs in finding homes.

The project is called “Sou de rua mas to limpinho,” which translates to “I’m homeless but I’m clean.” The young man visits stray dogs every Saturday, bathes them, and then posts a picture of the clean canine on social media in the hopes that someone will adopt them.

“At the end of last year, I realized that I needed to do something for the animals,” Thiago told The Dodo.

I suggested to my father that he bathe the dogs on the street to keep them odor-free and to change how bystanders perceive them.

The project also includes Thiago’s father Eduardo, who is serving as the stray dog’s official photographer.

As reported by Eduardo to Bored Panda, “He spends his Saturdays cleaning the dogs who have been saved and are up for adoption, and I shoot the photos because a nice photo boosts a dog’s chances of getting adopted.”

He said they’ve bathed 47 stray animals so far.

The original plan for the project was to capture stray dogs on the streets and bathe them, but Thiago told The Dodo that this was too challenging because the dogs were regularly the targets of abuse and were typically too afraid.

Instead of giving up, the young boy and his father adopted a new plan of action and started bathing fresh shelter dogs at Noah’s Ark, a non-profit animal shelter.

He asserts that many of his new buddies were adopted after he bathed them.

Along with having these pets cleaned up and adopted, Thiago hopes that his project will inspire people to think about adopting rescue dogs and giving them a lifetime of love and care.

I want people to not be afraid to adopt, Thiago said to The Dodo. The best thing that has ever occurred to me, you say. Let them adopt the dog with the knowledge that it is not a toy or other object. He is a being with an extremely long lifespan who solely desires to love humans.

That an 11-year-old boy would dedicate his weekends to helping stray pets is amazing. Keep up the fantastic effort, Thiago!

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