Camera Captures Little Boy Sneaking Out Of Bed To Sleep With His Dog

Paige Knudtson got Brutus, a 2-year-old boxer, from a local shelter shortly after learning she was pregnant with Finn. Knudtson had grown up with boxers and understood how kind they could be. But she could never have predicted how important the dog would become in her baby’s life.

Knudtson told The Dodo, “Brutus is basically a gigantic teddy bear.” “He craves attention and enjoys cuddling with others.”


An anatomy scan indicated a significant cardiac abnormality when Knudtson was 20 weeks pregnant with Finn. Finn had many operations shortly after birth until he was ready for open-heart surgery. “We were really fortunate to have discovered this before to his birth, or he might not be with us now,” Knudtson added.

Finn was eventually able to return home after seven weeks and a few issues. And when Brutus met his infant sibling, he felt an instant bond. “It was as if Brutus just knew Finn needed some extra careful watching after we came home, and he has been by his side ever since,” Knudtson added.


They adore each other and spend every time together, whether they are watching TV, playing outside, eating, or snoozing.

“Brutus frequently curls up wherever Finn is sitting in our house and follows him from room to room,” Knudtson explained. “If Finn is unwell, Brutus notices and just stays at Finn’s side or rests his head on Finn’s chest.”


Brutus despises being separated from Finn for even a second, and will scratch at the door of Finn’s room or pace outside it until he is let in.

Even at night, the brothers dislike being alone.


When Finn was a newborn, the guardian dog slept on the rug in front of the crib, and now that Finn has graduated to a toddler bed, the two can snuggle up much more easily.

“Finn just started sleeping in his ‘big boy bed’ about a month ago, and that’s when Brutus started creeping up and sleeping in Finn’s bed every night,” Knudtson explained. “It was almost as if he was lying next to him to keep him from rolling out of bed.”


Brutus follows Finn everywhere he goes, even if it means being a bit less comfortable. “Finn then began climbing out of his bed and sleeping on his floor,” Knudtson explained. “Naturally, Brutus began sleeping next to him there as well.”


Finn will frequently opt to snuggle up with Brutus in his dog bed rather than stay in his own now that Knudtson has relocated Brutus’ dog bed into Finn’s room.

Knudtson recently used a nanny cam to record their adorable bedtime ritual. Finn will take his blanket and jump out of bed to snuggle up close to Brutus if he is sleeping on the floor. As long as his sibling is comfortable, the loving dog doesn’t mind being used as a cushion.


You may see the cute video here:

The entire family now anticipates waking up to see Finn and Brutus snuggled up together: “Finn sleeps with Brutus all night, every night,” Knudtson explained. “The two always sleep together, whether on the dog bed, Finn’s bed, or on the floor.”

Knudtson is overjoyed that Finn now has a best friend and guardian in Brutus, and he can’t wait to see them grow up together.

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