Chocoladte Labrador Who’d Been Missing For 5Years Sees His Family Again

There must be very few emotions worse than losing a pet in the world. There would, in my opinion, be no better sensation than to see that dog and be reunited with him. With their chocolate lab, one family experienced just this, and to make matters even more upsetting, it occurred after nearly five years.


The Humane Society of the United States discovered Chuckie when they were scanning the animals for microchips before to their raid on an Ohio home where 166 dogs and cats were being held captive. They matched him up with the Indiana family who had been missing their Labrador for five years.

chuckie five years 1

In the video below below, you can witness their touching reunion. The Humane Society not only managed to save these 166 pets, but they were also able to send pets back to their rightful homes, like Chuckie.

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