Disfigured Dog Is Given Up On Time And Time Again, Until One Woman Sees All His Beauty

 Rarely ever do aesthetic qualities define beauty. When you turn us inside out, we all sort of look the same. The inner feelings that we have are what matter most.

Nevertheless, there were some individuals in Lucky’s life who could only perceive Lucky in her public persona. That was such a disaster!

Lucky had a significant facial abnormality from birth. He was donated to a rescue organization after being removed from his birthplace, a puppy factory. Finding him a place to live was challenging. When they turned to face him, they were astounded by what they noticed.

Lucky was eventually adopted after being passed from family to family and suffering at their hands. His first family in Austin kept him outside all the time since he didn’t like their pets. Thank goodness it was fastened to a tree.

He required sufficient nourishment and a safe place to sleep. He was overlooked and forgotten. The affection Lucky so rightly deserved was never given to him.

The family decided to give Lucky up before they moved. They had no intention of taking him at all. Lucky was obviously NOT a part of the family.

After being re-adopted, Lucky’s new family promptly left him. Lucky, the unfortunate puppy, was anything but lucky.

Then something happened on social media that completely altered everything! A shelter worker drove Lucky to the groomer. Jamie Hult, the appropriate person, studied images of a groomed Lucky that a volunteer had placed online. She was eager to meet Lucky! Even considering adopting Lucky straight away!

It just so happened to be someone from my network of dog rescuers, so I called him right away to ask for the puppy. According to Jamie, who was quoted by iHeartdogs, “I don’t want to foster it; I want to adopt that dog.”

Unfortunately, Lucky was in poor health and needed expensive veterinary care. He had heartworms and fleas. He was underweight as well. Jamie didn’t seem to care, though. She was willing to give him both her heart and her wallet.

Lucky received first-rate medical attention and made a full recovery, despite having a long way to go!

Along with his new identity came a new address, way of living, and self-perception. harmful compounds

I called him Beaux Tox since I think it’s fair that he requires botox. We appreciate beauty in all of its forms. I don’t use botox because my dog has such high expenses.

Beaux needs Jamie’s perspective and way of thinking more than anything! Do you object?

A whole year has passed since the couple’s happy wedding. Beaux is now a young, robust man leading a contented life. This adorable puppy will not experience lonely nights in shelters, days spent tethered to trees, or remarks made solely based on appearance.

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