Dog Adopts A Fox Cub After His Mom Died In A Car Accident

Nature, whilst beautiful, can be harsh. Hundreds of animals suffer the terrible orphanage each year. Many of them won’t ever be able to live without their parents’ affection. Most of them will pass away.

However, sometimes these animals get lucky. Sometimes, people take it upon themselves to raise these orphans or to pass them on to people who can raise them.

One lucky animal, Dinozzo, a three-week-old baby fox, is one of these animals that would usually have died. His mother was killed during a hit-and-run accident on the road.

Luckily for this fox cub, he was handed over to a vet and then adopted by an animal-loving couple in Germany, Werner and Angelika Schmaling. They also own a Bengal cat named Leopold, two adopted piglets and most importantly, a collie dog named Ziva.

We say most importantly because Ziva has the motherly instincts which have contributed to the baby fox having a happy life. She took the baby fox under her wing, and now he lives very happily with all the animals who he considers his new friends.

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