Dog Becomes Mother To Orphaned Opossums, Feeds Them With Her Milk, And Carries Them On Her Back

Love knows no boundaries between species, and this is no exception to animals. Many stories have proved that animals can share a bond with other animal friends outside of their species, in one way or another. And in this post, we would like to share a heartwarming story that features an unbreakable bond formed between a dog and orphaned opossums.

Source: Stephanie Maldonado

Pretinha is a lovely dog who adopted a group of helpless baby opossums and raised them like her own babies. Due to a misfortunate event, the poor babies lost their mom and became orphaned. A dog attacked their mom and left them alone with some extremely slim chances of survival.

Source: Stephanie Maldonado

But luck was on their side as the pet behaviorist Stephanie Maldonado and her team found them just in time. She took them to a local wildlife rescue center, but the shelter was full and was no place for any newcomers. So, she took them home and took it upon herself to take care of them.

Source: Stephanie Maldonado

The opossums were very young, and their chance of survival was slim. But fortunately for them, the miracle appeared when Pretinha stepped in. The moment the sweet-natured dog met the poor little creatures, her maternal instincts have kicked in. She licked them, fed them, and kept them warm as if they were her own babies.
Source: Stephanie Maldonado

Thanks to Stephanie and Pretinha, they grow up healthy and strong. They love Pretinha so much, and she also loves her adoptive mom role as well. Not only does she offer them love and affection but she also lets them climb on her back and takes them on rides.

Source: Stephanie Maldonado

Watch the sweet video below:

When the joeys are old enough, Maldonado hopes they can be returned to the wild.

Source: Stephanie Maldonado

Source: Stephanie Maldonado

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