Dog Runs To Save His Family As The House Caught Fire

A residence in Guilford, Connecticut, caught fire. The fire originated in the garage, presumably due to a plugged-in utensil. The flames swept away everything in their path, and when they reached the second level, the dog ran to save his family, rushed up the stairs, and began to howl to warn Randy Bova, who had no idea what was going on.

While the home was being burned, Randy tidied his room and listened to music. “I believe we would have lost my brother because of the rapidity with which the fire spread,” said Randy’s brother, Robert Bova, who was not at home.

CREDIT: Robert Bova

Randy was not alone that Saturday afternoon since Lucy, Robert, and Randy’s mother were not present. A startling, relentless bark at his door woke him up. Bailey, the family dog, had appeared.

Bailey began to bark loudly when Randy opened the door in the heavy smoke. Randy snatched up Bailey and dashed downstairs, horrified, to keep the flames from reaching them.

CREDIT: Robert Bova

He and Bailey eventually made it to safety in the backyard, where they saw the family’s house burn in the flames.

CREDIT: Robert Bova

Despite the fact that they lost their possessions in the fire, they did not lose any family members, and they had the tiniest family member who helped them stay safe and connected.

CREDIT: Robert Bova

Bailey, their four-year-old puppy, has earned everyone’s gratitude. The family is staying in a motel as they try to recoup what they have lost.

CREDIT: Robert Bova

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