Dog Who Was Missing For Months Cries When His Dad Finally Finds Him

Rustico Samson Jr. and his family live in Taguig City, Philippines, and have been without their dog, Coco, for three months. Despite the passing of time, the guy never gave up his search for the lost dog.

During his absence, the guy continued to traverse the city in search of his four-legged companion. He requested assistance from his acquaintances and the general public by providing a physical description of the pet and asking them to be alert and notify him if they heard any news about the dog.

Rustico explained to The Dodo:

“I sobbed. There was a lot of pain, a lot of anguish. Coco is more than just a companion. It’s all about family. I looked around every corner. I even shed tears while searching.”


Rustico recalls the night his dog went missing; he claims that Coco regularly follows his brother to work, and that even at night, Coco keeps an eye on his apartment, which is close to his father’s house.

Rustico stated to

“Maybe what happened was that Coco chased my brother on his bike that night, and he got trapped because there were so many dogs he was hanging out with on the way home. He was possibly trapped or battled with other dogs and was unable to follow my brother.”


Three long months after Coco’s disappearance, a dog matching Rustico’s description surfaced in a parking lot. The man arrived on the place right away.


Rustico did not hesitate for a second to meet the dog, and you can see Coco racing and crying with excitement when he finally met his father on the video.

The guy narrates:

“I knew it was him the moment I spotted a dog laying on the floor of the parking lot. I was 100 percent certain it was Coco.”

Coco’s physical state reflected his experience living on the streets. He was thin and filthy, with swollen thighs and arms from wounds and scabies on his body.

Fortunately, he was in high spirits and appeared to be in good health; all he needed was the love and care of his family to fully recover. The return of coconut to the family’s diet has been the finest thing for them.

According to Rustico:

“The house is once again filled with pleasant energy. The good feelings have returned.”


The man never stopped searching for his pet Coco; he knew he had to find him and was overjoyed when his search was finally over. Now all they want to do is make up for those missed months.


Rustico continued:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor when it comes to keeping a pet, as long as you have a heart and love for them as family. When a member of your family is missing, you never lose up.”

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