Duffel Bag Abandoned Near Garbage Seems Like Trash Until Someone Takes A Closer Look

“I remember saying, ‘How could anyone throw you in the trash?’”

On a cold afternoon last month, a Good Samaritan was walking the streets of Albany, New York, when they saw something strange. A pair of eyes was staring at them from near a garbage can.

As the passerby stooped down to get a closer look, they finally saw her — a small brown and black tiger cat zipped inside a duffel bag and dumped near the trash.

cat zipped into bag

The Good Samaritan contacted animal control, and soon the little cat was being transported to the safety of Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

Mohawk Hudson intake coordinator Kara Murry was the first to meet the cat, later named Newt. Murry was shocked that, despite her harrowing ordeal, Newt was easy to handle and super sweet.

“I remember saying, ‘How could anyone throw you in the trash? You’re so sweet and cuddly!’” Murry told The Dodo. “She was purring and rubbing against us for pets, almost as if to say, ‘Thank you for saving me.’”


Newt received a veterinary exam and plenty of food and water. All the while, the friendly cat continued to charm everyone she met.

“She came right up to me for pets and love the first time I met her, which was two days after she arrived,” Mohawk Hudson veterinary assistant Heather Ellis told The Dodo. “[She] was very sweet and wanted cuddles and loved playing with pipe cleaners.”


It didn’t take long for Newt to find her new family. Barely a week after she’d arrived at the humane society, Newt met a man who’d been looking for a new companion. It was love at first sight.

Safe with her new dad, Newt doesn’t have to worry about fending for herself in a duffle bag ever again.

“As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” Mohawk Hudson director of marketing and communications Marguerite Pearson told The Dodo. “And this sweet girl is a truly wonderful treasure for her new dad.”

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