Gіrl And Hеr Dоg Rеscսе A Gоat And Hеr Nеwbоrn Babу

11-yеar-оld Hamdü Sena Bolgin is a Turk girl who resides in a small town close to the city of Reze. Hamdü is a shepherd who watches over and guides the animals on her family’s largest farm, where they raise goats for their milk. The photographs of her and her dog saving a fleeing goat and those of her mother gained popularity on social media.

Even throughout the chilly winter months, her dog Tom stays by her side to provide company.

One of the goats unexpectedly went into labor as Hamdü and Tom were caring for them when they were grazing on a chilly slope distance from their home.

Out of concern that the goat and her child would not be able to return on their own, Hamdü acted swiftly.

To The Dodo, Hamdü Sena stated:

“After the goat gave birth, I brought the remnant of the head to the property. So, after taking two bags from the house, Tom and I returned for the goat and her yodeling.

Hamdü put the young goat in a separate bag for Tom to carry while he carried the mother goat.

Shе saіd:

He is a good dog. Very clever.

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