German Shepherd Raises Two Lion Cubs After Their Mother Rejected Them

Sandra, a lovely German shepherd dog, has adopted two gorgeous lion cubs after their mother rejected them. The felines were born to a new mother called Sirona, but the employees at the White Lion Park in Vladivostok got concerned when they noticed that the lioness was unhappy with her two young and was not properly caring for them.

Staff describe the animal as reclusive and quiet, but her two babies were clearly dehydrated and starved while in their care. To avoid a potentially fatal situation, the staff decided to give over the children to Sandra.

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The director of the wildlife park, Viktor Agafonov, observed that Sirona’s behavior was unusual; it appeared to lash out at them.

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Viktor told the Daily Mail:

“What the mother lion is doing is out of the ordinary. She bites them… A pup seems to have even a little wound. This is entirely out of character.”

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Sandra, on the other hand, had no issue taking the two small ones into her family and instantly adopted them as if they were her own. While Sandra dislikes cats in general, she was delighted to step in as an adoptive mother and expand her family even more.

The beautiful dog had given birth to a little puppy, but that didn’t stop her from taking care of the other two babies.

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Viktor stated:

“This dog does not like cats, yet she decided to accept the small African lions into her household. She has a baby that is smaller than a lion cub. However, the dog has adequate milk because she has previously nursed eight puppies.”

The park’s director lauded the 8-year-old adoptive mother for her hard work and acceptance of the newborns.

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Sandra’s milk is safe for lions, according to the man, since it has all of the nutrients required for optimal development.

Caregivers recognize that it is too early to predict that everything will be great in the future, but they are encouraged by the development they have seen. Furthermore, they do not give up hope that the noble-hearted dog would continue to be a good adoptive mother for rejected pups.

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Of course, Sandra’s decision to care for the pups and other animals is not something you see very often.

Viktor stated:

“It’s a rare occurrence when a member of one animal species produces pups of another, and even more so when they’re wild creatures…”

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The friendly dog appears to be doing an excellent job with newborns, and their attachment is anticipated to last a long time.

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