Golden Retriever Abandoned At Beach With 46-Pound Tumor Could Barely Even Walk

 As if being a homeless dog wasn’t bad enough, this one was raised by a family before being abandoned on a beach in Newport, California. To make matters worse, he was carrying an extra 46 pounds due to a growth on his side.

Fortunately, a kind passerby noticed Henry, the dog, roaming along the shore and contacted Valerie Schomburg of Newport Beach Animal Control. Nothing could have prepared the NBAC rescuers for Henry’s appearance. They were used to picking up stray pets in bad shape.

The tumor was so huge that it was resting on his right front leg in the shoulder area, making it impossible for him to walk. He had trouble not just finding food, but also traveling about.

Despite all of the difficulties Henry had encountered in such a short period of time, he had a passion for life. He was always happy and wagging his tail, and he adored everyone he met. Henry slobbered kisses on anyone who came too close.

Fortunately, Schomburg was able to secure enough money, with the aid of grants, for Henry to have the large tumor removed during surgery. Despite its deadly characteristics, the tumor did not spread.

The operation was a success, and Henry felt as if a tremendous weight had been lifted off his shoulders. After the tumor was removed, he weighed 78 pounds and could now walk around with ease. After his operation, he went to live with a loving foster via the Newport Beach Animal Shelter and happily made up for missing time.

After the media caught up on his tale, Henry became a local sensation, and he now has admirers from all across the world. People from all around the world gave him gifts and refreshments to show their thanks for being moved by his tale.

Henry died peacefully in his sleep, but not before maximizing his time on Earth and experiencing love for the first time. His bright smile and constant tail-wag reflected his boundless energy for life.

Although his passing is terrible, it has resulted in some good. They were able to locate Henry’s prior owner after conducting more research. Her criminal case is still ongoing after the OC District Attorney’s Office charged her.

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