Golden Retriever Walked For 2 Weeks More Than 60 Miles Back Home.

The dog walked 60 miles barefoot and returned home after 2 weeks.

They are such an inceable creature because how could this doggie, by itself, wander for 2 weeks and find its way home.

In Qidong, Jiangsu, China, a golden retriever by the name of Ping An was enjoying every moment of life with her devoted family. Her family did however inform her that she would be moving elsewhere for a while one day.

In order to keep Ping An safe while the construction was being done on their home, Ping An’s family decided to place her in the care of some of their friends. The lovely Ping An was set in their car, and they made the two-hour drive to their friend’s house. Therefore, Ping An would be protected and taken care of, and after a few months, she would be able to go back home.

Ping An Received All The Love And Attention She Need In Her New, Short-Term Home, But She Couldn’t Help But Miss Her Old Place.

She finally reached her breaking point after four months. At that point, she started walking ‘’ to her former house. Although it’s risky to return home alone, especially when its so far away, she did it nevertheless, showing the incredible loyalty and strength of dogs.

The friends of the family were ‘a.n.x.i.ous’ to find Ping An because they were concerned for her safety and believed that she might be lost. Ping An continuously walked for more than two weeks. She was just thinking about one thing: she needed to meet her family.

Nothing could stop her, and by the time she was through, Ping An had traveled almost 62 kilometers, and was extremely ‘unde.r.w.e.i.ght’, ‘’, and absolutely tired.

She was determined to keep moving forward until she was fortunately saved by some compassionate individuals who located her family. Ping An was then transported to the clinic, where she fortunately made a full recovery.

Her commitment and loyalty surprised her family, and they made a pact to never again send her away. Nothing could be more precious to Ping An than her family.

I am very happy to hear that Ping Ann is doing well and has been reunited with her family. We also know that her family must feel really fortunate to have such a wonderful dog show them such profound affection.

Hope she will be safe and live happily with her parents and family.

God bless you amazing . 

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