Greyhound Saved From Racing Was Afr.aid Of Affection Till He Saw His Little Brother!

Precious baby adorable dog!

The birth of a small human brother taught this dog the meaning of love!
Mosley is a 4-year-old Greyhound who has spent his life in the dog racing industry, where he is accustomed to the noise and a large number of dogs. He was overjoyed after being adopted by Scott Merrihew’s family.

However, on the day they brought Mosley home, he was concerned about separation and wanted to protect his space. Scott’s family was concerned that Mosley disliked them, but this was not!

Just the confused dog doesn’t know how to return human affection and kindness!
But Scott’s family did not give up; it took a lot of patience with him over the years to make him comfortable because he was living life off the track!

Mosley, 8, became particularly interested in Scott’s wife when she became pregnant. He cuddles her even more as the pregnancy progresses as if he knows a miracle is on the way!

Baby Lucas Merrihew was born about a week ago, and Mosley adores him. Mosley is overjoyed and wants to be close to Lucas, but he knows how to keep his distance for fear of inadvertently hurting the baby. He’s really sweet!

Mosley is permitted to enter the baby’s room at night, when the cat must remain outside on the balcony!
The way he kisses the baby is extremely emotional; it comes from the heart!

When the baby grows up, they will undoubtedly be best friends. That is fantastic!
Grey’s are the most affectionate, loving dogs ever…

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