Hero Dog Saved His Best Friend From Drowning

A couple in South Africa recently witnessed how their rescued dog can act as a savior when the circumstance calls for it.

Byron and Melissa were on their way to a meeting. When they returned, they realized something awful had happened while they were gone since one of their dogs’ Chucky’s hair was dripping wet.

They reviewed their security camera footage and were in for a significant shock in their lives. When the couple watched how their dog, Chucky, fell into their swimming pool, it broke their hearts.

Luckily, they soon saw that their Pitbull, Jessie, appeared near the swimming pool and continued to follow Chucky. The poor puppy kept swimming in the water, attempting to keep afloat, while Jessie kept an eye on him to make sure Chucky didn’t drown.

Jessie hated water very much. Water was splashed on Jessie when Chucky swam in the pool. She moved backwards to avoid getting wet. Nonetheless, Jessie continued to follow Chucky.

When the couple witnessed Jessie refusing to leave Chucky alone and go around the pool with him, they were proud of her. Seeing their poor little dog swim for so long has made the owners extremely heartbroken.

Jessie attempted to gently remove Chucky out of the swimming pool. She attempted numerous times in vain to grip Chucky’s ears and hair. Every time she pulled Chucky out of the water, he went right back in.

Jessie finally managed to rescue her friend out of the swimming pool after many attempts. The unfortunate puppy swam in the water for more than 34 minutes. Melissa was overjoyed with Jessie’s rescue of Chucky.

After the bizarre accident, Chucky and Jessie were OK. The couple was really grateful for how Jessie saved her sibling. She also received a bravery award from the rescue center where Byron and Melissa adopted Jessie.

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