Homeless puppy is freezing in the night, but he finds warmth and shelter in nativity scene!

Hope someone adopts this beautiful angel and give this angel a wonderful home 

He instantly became an attraction as he nestled there perfectly in the crib next to baby Jesus!

In 2008 in Brazil, a homeless German Shepherd puppy found shelter in one of the public nativity scenes in the area. Just as how Mary and Joseph struggled to find a place they can take refuge in when Mary was about to give birth. Late September and early October is the autumn festival season on God’s calendar, one of the three times in the year when families would travel to Jerusalem to observe God’s Holy Days.

Just as how this pup was looking for a place he can stay temporarily just to get through the night. And the dog found the makeshift stable in Brazil as the perfect spot to keep him warm.

The puppy has found parents in Mary and Joseph, telling him bedtime stories before he sleeps. He found uncles in the three kings who doted over him as he lay down there. He has found a sibling in baby Jesus as he snuggled close to him. He also found comfort and safety from the guardian angel behind him, lending him his invisible coat of protection. And lastly, found a company in the plastic animals surrounding him.
People were surprised the next day that a new character has been added to the nativity scene.

He instantly became an attraction as he nestled there perfectly in the crib next to baby Jesus. The spectators gushed over the puppy and the comical situation he has gotten himself into. It’s astonishing to realize how the German Shepherd’s journey is akin to that of the Holy Family. How both of them found shelter in a much-unexpected place as they tried to survive the night.

Hope this pup found a good forever home. 

Prayers that this fur baby gets a good and loving forever home soon…

Prayers To Be Adopted So Sweet And Precious 

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