Husband-to-Be Wants Everyone at Their Wedding Ceremony to Know His Fiancée Is Not ‘Pure’

An engaged couple were embroiled in a contentious argument about an unforeseen matter—the bride’s wedding dress color—while wedding bells tolled in anticipation of the big day. In November 2022, an anonymous lady posted on Reddit’s “Off My Chest” topic about her confusing experience coping with her fiancé’s unexpected request that she forgo the traditional white gown.

The original poster (OP) and her fiance, Ryan, were said to have been dating for six years and engaged for the previous eight months. As the wedding day approached, the woman discussed the peculiar argument that occurred a few weeks before to the event.

About a month before the wedding, Ryan asked OP something out of the ordinary: he advised that she not wear a white dress. The bride-to-be was taken aback by the sudden proposal, but at first she wrote it off as a passing idea motivated by Ryan’s creative side or her desire for unusual wedding pictures.

The woman didn’t let this setback deter her from pursuing her ambition of wearing a beautiful white gown on her wedding day. Two weeks prior to the wedding, when she ultimately decided to buy her wedding gown, the whole thing turned into a full-fledged scandal.

Visibly agitated, Ryan insisted on seeing the outfit and asked what colour it was. The prospective groom reacted furiously upon learning that it was white. This led to a more in-depth discussion and revealed Ryan’s confusing idea that brides should wear white solely in the case that they are “pure.”

To put this discovery in perspective, OP was 21 years old when their relationship started, and Ryan was 20. Both of them had insecurities from their pasts. Ryan, who had been a virgin when they first met, became obsessed with the notion that the white garment represented innocence. These fears were rekindled when OP’s previous relationship—in which she had only one partner—was revealed.

Ryan turned to his mother for help, desperate to get someone to agree with him. In the ensuing altercation, though, even his mother supported OP. Ryan broke down in tears as the argument went into the ridiculousness of linking a dress colour to purity and clung to his opinion that standards were different for males.

The consequences of this argument made OP doubt the basis of her bond with Ryan. She disclosed that she had called off the engagement in a later post on the “Dating Advice” forum, where she vented her annoyance and asked for support from the online community. She revealed in the update that she had resumed dating after a six-year break, along with suggestions for what to wear on her first date.

The Reddit discussion developed into a narrative that emphasised the value of communication and understanding in relationships while also illuminating the difficulties of wedding planning. The bride-to-be used the online community as a sounding board for her feelings and choices when faced with unforeseen obstacles as she navigated the turbulent waters of her personal life.

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