Husky Melts Hearts Hugging Baby Sister While They Sleep!

The moment where Millie rests her paws on Daisy is too adorable.

Millie the husky has been there since Daisy, a human child, was born. They are best friends.

Millie is very protective of Daisy and Daisy loves Millie just as much. She giggles and smiles as soon as she sees her. Even though Millie is a big large fluffy dog, Daisy isn’t int.imi.dated at all.

She lets the massive pup snuggle right up next to her. Daisy, baby gets so excited when she sees husky Millie! They love each other so much and just want to cuddle! They always fall asleep together.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs are “smitten” with babies and have deep connections with children they spend a lot of time with.

They see children as someone they can play with and who will offer them attention.
Having a dog is said to be great for a child. Dogs make babies happy and help raise serotonin and dopamine levels. Growing up with a dog can also help strengthen a baby’s immune system.

Dogs can sense that babies are more fragile. And since dogs are protective of their pack, which in some cases are their humans, they will look after the most [].

Daisy got so comfortable that she took a nice nap with her best bud.

Millie even made sure to protect Daisy in the child’s sleep.
She wrapped her paws around Daisy, so the little girl could feel cozy.

This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!!

Dogs are just so amazing, smart and protective!

This is just the sweetest thing ever dogs are the most loyal loving animals on the planet and have the biggest hearts and give nothing but totally unconditional love.

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