I Caught My Mom Trying to Sleep Train My Baby

A shocking turn of events saw a new mother go through a horrific experience when, against the mother’s wishes, her own mother decided to sleep train her three-month-old daughter, Lila. The event transpired while the mother was visiting her grandparents’ home, leading to strained relationships and a notable influence on the mother’s parenting decisions.

Excitement and Expectations Not Met
Even though they lived hours away, Lila’s grandparents were excited to meet their granddaughter. The woman, her fiancé, and Lila made the decision to travel to see the grandparents despite physical restrictions preventing them from going. There was a lot of expectation, therefore preparations were made, including putting Lila’s cot in the extra room.

But there was a misunderstanding because the grandparents didn’t know Lila was still sleeping in her parents’ bed. An unforeseen arrangement resulted from the practical problem of relocating the cot and the absence of a bed in the spare room. The parents chose to accept the circumstances and relied on their close closeness to hear Lila’s nighttime cries.

Conflict Regarding Sleep Training
The next evening, the grandmother recommended that Lila be put through sleep training, using the “cry it out” strategy as support. The mother, highlighting Lila’s young age, expressed unease with the approach, nevertheless. The parents managed three weeping bouts the first night despite their dispute.

The next night, after Lila had been sent to bed, her mother found the door locked and things got out of hand. She begged her mother for the key in a panic, but she was met with resistance. The mother angrily disagreed with the grandmother’s insistence on letting Lila scream it out and sleep training.

Tense Relationships
When things got heated, the mother’s father stepped in, told his wife to leave their daughter alone, and demanded the key. In the wake, the mother’s grandma criticised the mother’s parenting approach and called her a “helicopter parent.” The mother was traumatised by the occurrence, and the relationship became difficult.

Post-Event Repercussions
Following the incident, the grandma contacted the mother to inquire about the next visit and to highlight the crib that had been bought for Lila. But the traumatising event made the mother reevaluate staying overnight. She rejected the idea of putting the infant in a room to wail and defended her own approach to parenting, which emphasises responsiveness and loving.

Issues and Assistance from the Virtual Community
After the woman posted her account on Reddit, a number of people expressed worry about the grandmother’s behaviour. A lot of people highlighted the risks associated with locking a baby in a room, emphasising the significance of responsive parenting.

The episode serves as a sobering lesson about the need of open communication and respect for personal preferences as well as the disparities in parenting philosophies among households. The new mother is resolved to trust her instincts as a parent and provide a safe and loving home for baby Lila while she manages the fallout.

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