Lazy Police Pup Sleeps Through His Entire Swearing-In Ceremony

‘Brody,’ the new therapy dog from the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island, USA, is expected to have a big day at the start of the week. The cute three-month-old dog awoke early but slept through his official swearing-in ceremony on his first day of work.

Brody had to have been up all night worrying about his big first day.\

Brody’s handler, Officer Keith Medeiros, told The Dodo:

“He spends a lot of time playing and sleeping. When he isn’t playing, he is napping, which is a challenge because he sleeps a lot.”

CREDIT: Instagram/ bpdk9brody

Officer Medeiros, a school resource officer, proposed bringing a therapy dog to the force for the first time, despite the police department’s initial plans to introduce a drugs dog or bomb sniffer.

Brody joined the team in mid-March, and it’s obviously a difficult period to socialize a dog, considering that everyone practices social distance.

CREDIT: Instagram/ bpdk9brody

According to Medeiros:

“You want as many people to see him as possible. And I try to do so while maintaining social distance.”

CREDIT: Instagram/ bpdk9brody

Brody, on the other hand, had arrived at just the perfect time, as an antidote to all the tension and worry absorbed by those around him.

CREDIT: Instagram/ bpdk9brody

According to Medeiros:

“People are really worried, particularly in law enforcement. Just strolling around the police station with Brody makes people smile, and they feel better about themselves. They want to pet and embrace him, which is fantastic.”

CREDIT: Instagram/ bpdk9brody

The nicest part is that the puppy doesn’t even have to be awake to accomplish his job effectively.

CREDIT: Instagram/ bpdk9brody

Brody demonstrated his ease with his new colleagues on the day of his inauguration.

According to Medeiros:

“We put him on the desk, and he was so relaxed that he fell asleep.”

The video of Brody’s ceremony was released on Facebook by the police department, and it has already received over 285,000 views.

Medeiros admits that it would have been preferable if Brody had been awake, but he didn’t mind swearing an oath for the sleepy puppy.

Brody understands how tiring it is to be so adorable.

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