Little Girl Trudges Through Heavy Snow To Get Help For Her Sick Dog

People frequently go to great lengths to ensure the health of their greatest friend, and a girl who traveled through the thick and treacherous snow to seek assistance from her pet demonstrates once again that compassion for animals has no bounds.

On one occasion, veterinarian Ogün ztürk traveled to a tiny village in Turkey to treat a client’s cow. The man didn’t want to remain long; he was only going to pick up the phone and go back to his house, but something unexpected changed his plans.

What began as a normal appointment would finish in a circumstance that Ogün would never forget; it had a significant impact on his life as a person and veterinarian.


After concluding his task, the veterinarian was ready to depart the town when something grabbed his eye in the distance. He could see a small girl arriving through a snow-covered road, but she wasn’t alone; she was carrying a lovely dog on her back.


Cemre Su Türköz, an 8-year-old girl, had apparently heard that there was a veterinarian in the town and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Pamuk, her dog, had become unwell and was anxious for treatment, so she decided to walk for more than a mile to see Ogün.

According to Ogün, The Dodo:

“I was astonished and moved when I first saw them. She had wrapped her puppy and carried it with her.”


The veterinarian, as predicted, could not deny the little girl and her ailing puppy and proceeded to perform a general check-up. Cemre became concerned, but thankfully, the sickness that the puppy had was not too serious, and it was only a matter of obtaining the proper therapy.

Pamuk had a few minor skin concerns that made him uncomfortable, but nothing to write home about, according to the vet.


Ogün continued:

“Cemre was overjoyed when he learned that his dog would be alright. Pamuk received medicine from me. He’s now enjoying a good time while being healthy and happy.”

Cemre’s bravery provided much-needed assistance to his beloved pet, as well as a new companion.

Since then, the veterinarian has been to the hamlet numerous times to check on Cemre and Pamuk and to properly examine the tiny dog’s health. In this way, Ogün assures that they will never have to go through the deep snow or risk their lives to find aid again.


Cemre’s excellent attempt to help her pet was undeniably enough to demonstrate how responsible and courageous she is.

Ogün continued:

“It made me extremely glad to know that an eight-year-old child behaves in this way and has such a caring heart.”


Furthermore, the veterinarian stated that encountering a person so young that she demonstrates such endearing conduct offers all of humanity hope.

Ogün remarked:

“Despite what is going on in the world, there is still hope. Cemre demonstrated that the only true truth in the world is love.”

The vet doctor didn’t charge Cemre for his services that day, but seeing his love and devotion to Pamuk was the finest reward he could have gotten.

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