Man Adopts A 16-Year-Old Dog And Makes Sure His Last Days Are The Best

The fact that dogs do not live as long as we would want is something we must accept when we get a dog. They share our lives with us for the most of the time, thus we always want to provide them the greatest life possible while they are by our side. We are well aware that they merit everything.

Zach Skow, co-founder of Marley’s MuttsYPawsitive Change Program, who discovered an older dog named Henry in the Tehachapi, California, rescue facility, believes as such. The 16-year-old dog was less nimble and lively than the other dogs at the shelter, and he appeared rather run down. He also had rough gray spots on his coat.

Due to his advanced age, Henry first had some difficulty walking smoothly, but unexpectedly the affectionate dog tried really hard to summon energy from within, and it didn’t take long for them to see him pacing and racing around Zach’s yard as if he were a puppy. His adoptive father found it difficult to believe.

At addition to his age, Henry’s testicular cancer was discovered when he was in the shelter. Fortunately, surgery enabled him to beat the illness. This puppy was desperately clinging to life.

Zach had no idea Henry would stay by his side for so long. He estimated that the dog had a few months to go due of his advanced age. But the dog continued to defy those odds, and to Zach’s amazement, each time he appeared younger.

Henry couldn’t stay with Zach for much longer, even how pleased he was with his development, so Zach set out to find him a lifelong home. After all, his main objective was to extend the life of this adorable little puppy.

Of course, Henry’s enthusiasm and vitality made it easy for him to find a home despite his advanced age. His new mother adores him ferociously, provides for him on a daily basis, and even posts pictures of their adventures on Instagram.

Henry still has enough energy to take a stroll in the sunshine. He enjoys being outside, and he is aware of the support of his family and his large online following.

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