Man Carries His Dog On His Back To Save Him From Fl.o.oding!

Such a Great Hooman.

What a magnanimous gesture! We salute you as a true HERO!!
He was only carrying his dog, not any other belongings!

When we are in trouble, we often realize what is most important to us, and for Theerachot Homjom, a Thai man, the most precious thing to him is his dog!

The Kuang River overflowed due to after a [dev.ast.ating fl.ood] caused by [tr.opical] storm Sinlaku, and a man’s house in Chiang Rai province was completely [fl.o.oded]. Everyone had to to higher ground.

According to the Chiang Rai Times, at least two people di.ed as a result of the fl.o.ods, and hundreds of homes were [de.stro.yed]. Because the water was up to their waists, the military was forced to use boats to rescue civilians in rural areas and distribute humanitarian supplies.

While others try to preserve their possessions, Theerachot values his little dog a thousand times more. He decided to wade in the sw.ift wa.ter while ca.rr.ying his pet dog on his back.

It’s difficult to put into words how much the man adores his pet dog!

We all understand that small animals, even adult humans, will have a difficult time escaping such a fl.o.od, but this dog knows his father will not a.ban.don him. This is extremely moving!

It was a rare warm scene in Thailand during this Hope things will turn out fine!
You are a hero. You are a true animal lover to do this. You are a true fur parent. Lots of luck. Stay safe.

You can watch a video of the rescue below:

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