Man rescued pair of abandoned pitbulls — they repaid him by rescuing him from assault

They are amazing and generally protective of their humans!

Pittys are the sweetest babies…IF they aren’t [mi.stre.ated] while they are being raised from pups. Even then, if they are rescued and the person is willing to put the time in, they can be rehabbed.
You can’t imagine how difficult a.ban.doned dogs’ lives must be, so when someone rescues and adopts them, they will treat that person with the utmost loyalty and love!

Robert McGowan decided to adopt two pit bulls from a local shelter. This is truly a miracle for them, as people often overlook them thinking that the Pit Bull is an agg.res.sive bre.ed

Robert, on the other hand, adopted the dogs and named them Ellabelle and Ladybug. He truly provided a loving home for them, and the pit bulls proved to be friendly and kind dogs. They adore the person who saved their lives, and because they can’t say it, they demonstrate it through their actions.

Robert was in his garage one night when he was at.ta.cked by four str.angers. They pu.nched him in the eye with the intent of [] his car. They asked him to hand over the keys, and Robert said they were inside, but they had no idea that inside was not the key, but two extremely loyal Pitbulls.

Ellabelle and Ladybug rush to their owners’ aid, barking and scaring the at.tac.kers away. Their demeanor indicated that no one could touch him, and the ro.bbers fl.ed in te.rror.

Robert was very proud of his daughters after he rec.overed. He said the dogs are very docile and not ag.gre.ssive, but they will not hesitate to become defensive when their loved one is in dan.ger.

Robert couldn’t imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t been protected by these two Pit Bulls that day. He saved two dogs, and they saved him too!

Many people have exclaimed and been surprised by the story of these two brave dogs; they constantly praise their bravery, and it is clear that Robert has two great treasures in his house!

People need to understand the breed. They are not, it all depends on the owners and how they treat the dog.
That is what We love about this breed they are loyal and brave and will always protect the ones they love. Great dogs he was lucky to have them and they are lucky to have a man with a big heart so!

God bless them all.

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