Mom with over 800 tattoos called a freak – reveals truth about all her tattoos

Melissa Sloan, a 46-year-old mother from Wales, has been addicted to getting “prison-style” tattoos for over 26 years. Despite facing rejection from society, unemployment, and verbal abuse whenever she leaves her house, Sloan continues to get three tattoos each week using her own kit. Her body and face are now covered in more than 800 tattoos.

Sloan, who once worked as a toilet cleaner, claims she is unable to find employment due to her tattoos. She expressed frustration with the social exclusion and mockery she faces, stating that people often jump out of her way, and she has been excluded from local bars and school activities.

Despite the challenges, Sloan remains unapologetic about her choice to get tattoos and encourages her two young children, ages eight and ten, to embrace body art as well. She allows them to have temporary tattoos and plans for them to have permanent ones when they are older.

While body art is a personal choice, Sloan’s extreme approach has led to social and professional challenges. The story highlights the complexities of societal perceptions and judgments based on appearance, as well as the impact such decisions can have on one’s life and family.

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