Mother Dog Walked 3 Kilometers Per Day To Find Food For Her Newborn Puppies!

The love a mother has for her children is truly immeasurable!

Many people were moved to tears by a small story that occurred in the town of Fowler, Fresno, California. A mother dog walks two miles a day to find food for her cubs, despite the fact that she has only recently given birth and is still very weak, but she is ready to wander around for a long time looking for something to fill her baby!

When nearby residents noticed this, they immediately contacted Krystle Woodward, the founder of Pinky Paws ResQ, a local animal rescue center.

It took them two weeks to reach the mother dog and her cubs, because she always ran away when she saw strangers. Finally, after much effort, they got Betty Boop—the mother dog—in the van and checked her medical condition.

Betty Boop is still breastfeeding, and she can’t bear the thought of her baby going hungry, so she runs out and tries to climb over the fence, she tries to get back with her babies, and luckily, the rescue team followed the trail and rescued the entire litter!

When puppies are discovered in the basement of an abandoned house, elementary school student Enneth Stoen is summoned by the son of Krystle’s friend to assist in the rescue of the puppies.
The mother dog’s trust in showing Krystle where her puppies were touched her heart!

Despite their predicament, the puppies are in good health thanks to their mothers’ loving care. The names of the ten puppies are Amber, Citrine, Copper, Jade, Jasper, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Rubyloo, and Sage. They are all hyperactive and happy to be in a better place with their mothers!

She has now been rescued, and her puppies will be placed in a permanent home soon. And she’ll never have to wander around looking for food again!

Thank you for saving the mother dog and her sweet puppies. God bless you!

Watch the video bellow:

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