My Fiancé Told Me to Pay For His and His Friends’ Meal – I Snuck from the Restaurant to Teach Him a Lesson

Emily and her fiance, Mike, found themselves in the middle of a confusing scenario while they were visiting a tiny village. Because Mike continuously put her down about her ability to support herself financially, their relationship had taken a poisonous turn. The final straw was when he asked that she pay for his and his friends’ dinners, using the fact that she had recently received an increase in salary as his rationale.

Emily had reached the point where she could no longer put up with the gaslighting and resorted to Reddit to explain her predicament and ask for feedback on whether or not her actions were appropriate. During the entirety of their time together, she and Mike had maintained their individual bank accounts since he was adamantly against the concept of a joint account.

Mike started putting pressure on Emily to meet their expenses when she received a big rise, arguing that her income increase of 30% was sufficient justification for his actions. Emily, who was struggling under the weight of his demands, realized that she was giving in to his requests in order to avoid a conflict.

Emily came to the conclusion that she could no longer put up with it one evening when Mike invited her to join him and his buddies for supper. Despite his assurances that he would cover the tab, Mike told her in a hushed tone while they were eating that she would be responsible for paying for everything, and shortly after, he made the revelation public.

Emily, infuriated, waited patiently until the bills, which had already been divided between her and the other guests in the party, were placed on the table. Almost immediately after placing her order, she paid for it and then excused herself to visit the restroom. She took a risky step and sneaked out of the restaurant so that she could drive herself back home.

Emily maintained her stance even as Mike called her multiple times demanding to know where she was. Her phone was constantly ringing. She vented her indignation at being put in such a predicament and duped into paying for the costs of others. The attitude of her fiance, on the other hand, was completely incomprehensible.

A few hours later, Mike lost his cool at home and launched into a rant, during which he called Emily juvenile and insulted her, all because she had left him with a bill that he couldn’t pay. He portrayed her in a negative light by calling her self-centered, illogical, and a cheapskate, all while bemoaning the fact that his buddies were let down.

Emily, who was struggling with internal turmoil regarding her choices, sought advice from the internet community. It was quite evident, and everyone agreed, that people were on Emily’s side. They called her attention to the fact that her partner was controlling and poisonous, and they urged her to give some thought to the kind of man she intended to marry.

“Why marry someone who insists that his money is his money, but your money is also his money?” inquired a single individual. An further commenter postulated that Mike’s behavior could be explained by his misogyny and his hatred toward a woman who earned more money than he did.

Emily needed to break out from the clutches of a spouse that was unsupportive and manipulative, as was the general consensus on Reddit, which was plain evident. The members of the online community shared their hopes that she would muster the willpower to end the abusive relationship and protect herself from suffering any more. They emphasized that her health should take priority over remaining in such a partnership.

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