My mom kicked me out of home after dad’s death – but I returned for payback years later

A 23-year-old man was kicked out of home by his mother after his father died. Fortunately, his father left him his entire estate, and the boy got his revenge.

A 23-year-old Reddit user opened up about how his relationship with his mother fell apart after his father died when he was 15. His mother did not waste time moving on with someone else, leaving him feeling like an outsider in his own home and fighting for his mother’s affection.

Eventually, his mother asked him to leave their home, causing friction between them. Years later, this decision would return to haunt his mother.

“My mom (45) didn’t wait too long to “start over” and moved her new partner in just 2 months later,” the man confessed on the Reddit platform, as he recounted his story of revenge.

According to him, after his father died, he inherited his entire fortune. His mother tried to convince him to give her one of the properties as proof that he welcomed the new man in his mother’s life. But that was impossible since his father made sure the will was airtight. It did not allow the young man to access his assets until he was 21.

Everything about how things unfolded after his father’s death was unsettling and affected the mother-and-son relationship. Because the new guy also had two children, an 18-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter, the young man often felt neglected by his mother in favor of them.

According to the young man, his mother overcompensated for her partner’s kids to please him. They would go on trips, and instead of inviting her son, the 45-year-old mom would tell him to visit his grandparents.

As much as the mother wished for harmony between her son and partner, the two constantly clashed. It even led to a point where she decided to kick him out of their home when he was 17. The young man had reminded his mom’s partner that he was not the man of the house, and the tension eventually got too much for the mother to try to solve.

The young man went to live with his grandparents, who advised him to avoid causing more conflict between him and his mother’s partner.

Even though the mother made a tough decision to kick her son out, she still cared for him and would visit him at his grandparents’ house. “My mom would visit me often and tell me how much she loved me, but she needed to “keep peace at home,” he revealed.

Despite his mother justifying to him her decision to make him leave their home, the young man always knew he had the upper hand because of his inheritance. So, once he was given access to his assets, he started plotting his revenge.

After the man completed college, he slowly started checking on his properties, including the house where his mother was staying. He planned to renovate it and rent it out and use the money for his Master’s degree.

The son wanted to inform his mother about his decision, so he went to the house but found no one home. It turned out that the family was on vacation. He tried to call her, but she did not answer, so he took matters into his own hands and changed the locks to the house.

His mother arrived a day after he officially took over his house. She tried to call her son, but he was out of town. When he returned, he went to check on the house because renovations were about to start in a few weeks.

His mother started yelling at him, asking why he would do such a thing. Her partner was also angry, but he was not willing to change his mind, even after discovering that the man’s daughter was pregnant.

The son gave the family two weeks to move out, and now his maternal side of the family is shaming him for kicking his mother out of the home. This prompted him to ask his Reddit followers if he was wrong for changing the locks in his house without his mother knowing.

The inheritor had many people on his side, telling him he was right to kick his mother and her partner out of the house. One believed the young man’s father knew the kind of person his mother was; hence he left his son everything.

For that reason, commenters thought he was not wrong to take the house back because his father wanted him to have a comfortable life. Another also agreed that what he did was a good move after the mom was first to betray him when she prioritized her new partner and his kids.

Although the decision was difficult for the son, internet users thought it was unacceptable for his mother to neglect him so soon after his father’s passing. One netizen was even convinced the mother might have started seeing the man before her husband died.

Some people even thought the young man was kind to give them a two-week notice because of how he was treated. “I would have given them 2 days! Go live in a hotel,” remarked a netizen.

For the most part, Facebook commenters were angry at the mother for allowing a man to ruin her relationship with her son. “Any mother who puts a man and his children before her own doesn’t deserve respect,” expressed an internet user.

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