Nuns аdоpt unwаntеd 9-yеаr-оld Pitbull frоm shеltеr

Nobody wanted this dog, but then this happened…

When the nuns from our Lady of Christian Doctrine lost their dog, they decided to visit their local shelter and bring home a dog whom they knew didn’t have a chance of adoption.

That’s when they met a 9-year-old Pit Bull named Remy. She had spent months at Hi Tor Animal Care Center, and her adoption prospects were not exactly rosy.

Sistеr Vеrоnica Mеdеz tоld nеws mеdia оutlеts, “I purpоsely wаntеd a dog thаt nobody else wаntеd. I wаntеd tо bring а dog hоmе thаt might gеt euthanized if wе didn’t take hеr. and when I noticed that the sign said ‘nine years,’ I said, ‘Virginia, we want this one, because no one else is going to want her.’”

They took Remy home and she immediately brightened their home with her loving personality. Sister Virginia Johnson said of Remy, “She’s a senior and we’re seniors, and she’s a gentle dog, and friendly.”

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