Owner got Cat in 1988, didn’t expect to throw him a Birthday Party 30 Years Later…!

Such a beautiful kitty!! 30 years!!!… Happy for him!

Everyone loves to spend their entire lives with their adorable furry friends.
Happy Birthday He’s so Absolutely Beautiful

Although we all know that’s not possible because cats have much shorter lives than humans, this woman is fortunate to have had a four-paws friend for almost 30 years!

Outdoor cats typically live 2 to 9 years, while domestic cats typically live 15 to 20 years. But this cat’s life expectancy is much longer than the average cat’s lifespan, perhaps it was because he was showered with affection and attention.

Rubble, the cat, has defied all odds to become the oldest cat ever!

A 34-year-old kitten named Rubble was given to Michele as a gift in May 1988 for her 20th birthday. He is from Exeter, England. When he was a kitten, he was adorable, caring, and ready to hug Michele whenever she requires one.

The two have remained close friends for a long time, even though Rubble gets a little cranky as he ages.
Because of having high bl.ood pressure, City Vets’ Dr. Shawn Moore pays close attention to his medical needs. Apart from having to take blood pressure me.dica.tion, Rubble is in good health.

Rubble has not currently listed as the oldest cat in the world by Guinness World Records yet, because Michele thinks he will live a very long time, and she does not want him to get into trouble by receiving too much attention. She wants him to enjoy his senior years just like any other cat would!

Rubble has had a long, fulfilling life with his devoted owner, always!

Let’s toast this wonderful fluff ball’s birthday. Wish him the best…!

God bless this kitty and his owner!!

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