Pitbull Recently Adopted Is Overjoyed To Have A New Family!

Dog are so lovable and caring more so then people ♥️

So wonderful man’s best friend was so happy for being adopted and showed he loved it and happy to find a forever home full of love and kindness hugs of happiness and love.

They will have a wonderful life together. He could not help but smile at the adorableness of the cute pure white puppy.

Maggie is an a.ban.doned Pit Bull, which has had a significant psychological impact on her and has led her to believe that she is unworthy of affection.

He knew he was being rescued and shows the love. So sweet…!

Fortunately, Mary and Mark McCraw, a decent couple, decided to adopt a new puppy after [lo.s.ing] their previous dog Mischka to can.cer. They were so taken with Maggie when they first met her that they knew they had to adopt her into their family.

Mark helped her see that everyone deserves to be loved!

Such a sweet and tearjerking photo.

At the Pitties From Heaven Rescue Center in South Carolina, Maggie meets her new family for the first time, and it immediately seems like they’ve known each other for years. Maggie ran up to her new father and couldn’t help but hug and kiss him. Mother Mary leaned over to comfort the puppy and Maggie immediately hugged her tightly and showed her love passionately.

They could not resist the affection of such a lovely little girl. Meeting her was love at first sight; there was an instant connection, Mary said. We feel she holds a particular place in our hearts.

The person who raised Maggie claims that she is one of the most affectionate dogs she has ever had. Andra clarified. The clear beam of sunlight in the video leads me to believe that their former dog, Mischka, was smiling during that meeting. It seems that Mischka will be ecstatic when Maggie inherits his parents’ love.

Amazing dogs can feel when a person genuinely cares for them. Hope that every dog receives such feelings of love!

God bless him for adopting him and making him happy happy furry baby.

Bless his sweet heart and yay for him getting a furever home.

Here is the video of the cutiness:


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