Puppy Recovers From Cuts To The Bone After Someone Hair-Tied Her Muzzle Shut

 A neglected puppy was turned over to a no-kill animal shelter after it was found with a hairband firmly knotted over her muzzle.

Her little face tripled in size as a result of the hairband being “completely entrenched, it went down to the bone.”

She received “urgent care” from Cincinnati Animal CARE in the US, who took off the hairband and patched the enormous hole.

The staff at the shelter gave Tiffany the name of their “favorite eighties pop artist.”

It is believed that the hairband was used, as is customary with zip ties, to stop the young puppy from barking.

The animal center’s horrifying Facebook posts exposed the terrible extent of the mistreatment.

Tiffany spent the night with a member of the medical team and handled her emergency care like a “champ,” according to the rescue team.

According to a current update, Tiffany is being taken care of by the Good Samaritan who found her and is “healing nicely, eating and drinking properly.”

Tiffany’s swelling has significantly decreased, and her face has been stitched up and is healing.

PETA has even offered a reward to anyone who can help make an arrest. Cincinnati Animal CARE is looking for information on Tiffany and her abuser.

newest information from Tiffany! “Our wonderful gal visited us at the shelter yesterday! She has lovely-looking sutures, is healing beautifully, and is flourishing in her foster home with the kind people who gave her to us!” According to Cincinnati Animal CARE’s Facebook page.

Amazingly tough creatures, this female puppy is a happy, healthy puppy that is flourishing!

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