Rescued Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Adopted Three Orphaned Kittens

Whether you love cats or dogs, this story is sure to warm your heart. It has a sad beginning but a sweet ending.

Sunshine Dog Rescue, located in Phoenix, rescued “Georgia,” an Australian Shepherd Mix, who was discovered living at a gas station near the US-Mexico border in Rocky Point. They shortly discovered Georgia was pregnant. But sadly, none of Georgia’s puppies survived. They were all born prematurely.

Georgia was distraught after losing all of her puppies, according to Anita Osa, founder of Sunshine Dog Rescue.

“I’ve never had a mom dog lose a whole litter before. The best way I could describe it was she was frantic. It was so sad, she was looking for those babies. She tore up the toddler mattress we had her on, trying to find her babies,” said Osa.

In the hope of helping Georgia heal from a broken heart, Osa asked for help on Facebook. She started looking for any animals that needed a nursing mother. Finally, she found a trio of newly orphaned kittens who also needed a mother.

Osa initially wondered if a dog would accept kittens as her own, but she was surprised to see the strong bond they formed.

“I introduced them to her gently. I first bought one out and let her sniff it, and she seemed to accept it, so I brought the others out. It’s amazing to see how she instantly calmed down. I think for the kittens, they have no idea that Georgia is a dog,” Osa said.

Georgia even allows her new kittens to suckle, despite her low milk production.

“They do nurse on her. She cleans them and everything but the bond is strong. It’s really something to see, she protects those kittens just as if they were her babies,” Osa added.

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