She cried and wished to be free of her severe illness and to live a happier life.

A puppy who was unable to walk properly entered the shelter in February 2022, prompting the shelter to issue an urgent appeal. She was also underweight and had a slow mind.

Dallas Canine Rescue. Rehab. She was taken to the Reform Team’s vet staff, who suggested that she may have swimmer’s syndrome or cerebellar hypoplasia. Although there is no cure, she can still live a long and fulfilling life with lots of love and care!

Poppy’s life is beginning to take shape, they can see!

After only 10 days in their care, she was overjoyed to be able to try belt walking. The weight of Poppy has risen by 12 pounds!

March 29, 2022 Poppy was advancing to outdoor exercise and doing well in her physical therapy. Poppy has a lot of fun playing! With everyone she meets, this girl gets along well!

For the first time in her four-month life, this puppy is walking by herself! Poppy was as ready for her wheelchair as if it had been a part of her from birth.

Poppy started functioning after some adjustments.

Pobby’s life didn’t abruptly transform. Poppy traveled to her current location in her wheelchair cheerfully over the course of three months.

She is a lucky, affectionate puppy whose tenacity motivates us every day.

I’m grateful you helped her. Please help the animals rewrite their tomorrow and beat yesterday.

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