Shelter Dog Saves Best Friend Hours Before Euthanasia After Hug Goes Viral

 Since negligent pet owners abandon them without remorse, there are countless dogs that stray and live on the streets.

There is only so much that can be done to clear up this garbage because each rescue center has a limited amount of room and resources for sustaining animals in their temporary home. If the shelter is unable to find homes for their animals, some pet owners will be forced to put their animals down.

Euthanasia in shelters is a controversial practice that has implications for the entire human race. Some animal shelters resort to euthanizing, which is another phrase for giving a live thing a short and humane death, in order to create room for additional rescues.

Many animal advocates feel that euthanasia should only be done for highly vulnerable animals in order to prevent the transmission of disease to other animals in the shelter. Many shelters have already transitioned to this concept, even though some still operate in a more conventional manner. These two dogs were going to pass away within the next several hours.

Each dog in a kiII-shelter has a timer, and sadly for these two puppies, their time was going to run out. They go by Kala and Keira. The two dogs have been together since being moved to Georgia’s nonprofit Etowah Valley Humane Society (EVHS) animal sanctuary in 2015. They shared a room and had essentially done everything together their entire lives.

Sadly, the shelter permitted euthanasia, so it was now time for them to go. Finding possible rescuers who could accept them before time ran out was the only option left. Several excellent people contributed to the dissemination of a call for help.

After seeing these stunning dogs, volunteers from Angels Among Us Puppy Rescue were informed of their unfortunate situation. They were unable to take the dogs in themselves due to a lack of foster homes, but they pledged to help find the puppies a temporary caregiver or, ideally, an adoption.

The rescuers managed to get the perfect photo of Kala carrying Kierra in order to share their story on social media. In a very emotional account of what transpired, Kala pleaded for herself and her best friend.

In an effort to identify someone who might be able to save the two, the shocked and heartbroken readers started to assist in spreading the word about them. As the message went viral, a man noticed it and hurried to the shelter to get the items.

The dogs gave him kisses in appreciation, and he enthusiastically welcomed them. Kala and Kierra are currently in good care and enjoying their new homes with their new owners.

When the man’s plan to temporarily raise children failed, they still lacked a permanent home. Three months after the photo was made public, the puppies did, however, finally get to meet their new mothers, Pam Cody and Wendy Newman.

They made the perfect housemates for them because Kala and Kierra shared a room with them and were their best pals. It’s amazing how their snapshot made things better for them and enabled them to locate the ideal permanent residence.

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