Sick Child Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Comfort Him Except His Rescued Dog

Riddick, a dog, was flung from a moving car and recovered by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The team assisted him in his recuperation and placed him for adoption, and Bryan and his wife fell in love with him the moment they saw his photo on Facebook.

In August of that year, the couple adopted him, making him an extremely essential member of their tiny family.

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Riddick’s parents had a baby a year after his adoption, and Riddick and Cambria, the second pit bull in the household, were completely captivated with him from the minute he arrived.

CREDIT: Bryan Junior

Bryan explained to The Dodo:

“If the baby cried, the two of them would rush in to check on him. We would yell, ‘Baby Dawson is awake,’ and they would run every time he woke up from a nap. Cambria sat on my lap and Riddick sat on the floor with us every night until tonight, when we read him a goodnight story. Dawson kisses them goodnight before we put him to bed.”

Dawson is enamored with his pit bull brothers and enjoys hugging and feeding them whenever possible.

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The little child recently had the flu; it was the first time he had been seriously ill. He developed a temperature and felt very unwell, and he wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything except Riddick.

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Bryan said his youngster crawled to Riddick’s Ottoman and embraced him. The dog seems to recognize that the small kid was not feeling well and remained in bed with him. Dawson remained still for more over an hour, and Riddick never moved.

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Dawson wanted Riddick to soothe him while he was short-tempered and sick with the flu, and of course, this loving pit bull was delighted to oblige.

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Riddick is always there for Dawson, no matter what, and his parents appreciate how loving and protective Riddick is of his younger brother.

Bryan continued:

“He’s simply nice, compassionate, and accepting of everything. Riddick is adored by everybody. He’s the kind of puppy you always want.”

CREDIT: Bryan Junior

Even when Dawson is healthy and joyful, Riddick is always at his side, caring for and loving him in the way that only a dog brother can.

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