Sleepless Dog lay beside woman and closed her eyes for the first time since rescue!

Sweet dreams you beautiful angel!

Hug’s and Kisses to this Sweet little Angel baby….now and for the rest of it’s Life. He’s feeling loved and cared for…!

A sweet dog, named Bella, spent her life in a city shelter in Romania.
Due to poverty in Romania, the shelters do not get enough food.
Bella was underweight and sc.ared. She had never been held or loved. Being at the shelter was bre.aking her sp.irit.

Howl Of A Dog, a rescue group in Romania, took Bella from the shelter in order to find her a forever home. The rescuers and sweet Bella head straight to the As she sits beside her new human friend in the car, her expression is that of pure peace. She understands, as she’s being shown affection, that her life is about to change.

She know when her are loved.

Then, She places her head on her rescuer’s lap. The car is calm and quiet and the woman beside her is kind and gentle. This is what Bella needed. As she sits there, being pet, her eyes start to close. Feeling safe is everything to a dog. It’s incredible to see her finally relax.

Sleep baby sleep you are safe now.

Now, Bella has found her forever family and is living a happy life.
Sweet little girl she is so glad she found her forever home she deserves to be loved.

They your best friend for life mine are and I do anything for them wouldn’t change a thing.

Sweet little baby.

She looks so cute and precious and comfortable! She knows she now is safe.

God Bless this Precious Baby. Sending love sweet baby.

Look at this emotional moment in video bellow:

H/t:  Howl Of A Dog

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