Squirrel Has A New Home And A Mini Teddy Bear After Being Saved From Hurricane!

So happy she was saved and loving her teddy bear…!

When Hur.ric.ane Isaac st.r.uck unexpectedly, small animals were thr.own from their nests. The same goes for a squirrel named Jill.

The squirrel was lucky to be saved by a kind family. They took her home and gave her this sweet name. And even though she was only going to stay here until her [in.jur.ies] healed and her body got a little better, in the end, she got a new home where she would stay for the rest of her life.

After being rescued from the sto.rm, the squirrel has a new home and a teddy bear of her own. It’s been seven years since Jill moved into her new home with her sweet new family. She is growing very well and realizes that her life is indeed very happy.

A lovely habit of Jill is hugging her mini teddy bear all the time, especially when going to bed. Jill is just getting ready for a good night’s sleep hugging her trusty teddy bear. She likes to snuggle and rub her cheeks against teddy bears. That’s so sweet!

Jill the squirrel is world famous for her Instagram page with many followers. Her followers from all over the world must have melted for her adorable pictures of her everyday life. She loves to show off her best friend in front of the camera by hugging her teddy bear tightly to her chest. She cuddled her friend as they cuddled into a deep sleep. It’s a cute couple. She trusts her family very much and often receives food from them with her hands.

Additionally, Jill has an impressive wardrobe filled with amazing outfits and adorable little accessories. She is truly a model with confidence in front of the camera and a funny way of posing. This lucky little squirrel who survived is truly living her best life and she cherishes it every day.

That is absolutely precious! So glad she is safe.

So sweet. All young things love Teddy bears

So sweet and adorable!

So happy he is safe with his mini teddy bear + his blanket plus his bed.

Creature comfort.

God Bless.

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