Stray Dog Cuddles Up To Old Teddy Bear Until Someone Rescues Him

The stray dog didn’t have a home or anybody who cared for him, but he did have a fluffy teddy bear he snuggled for comfort.

Kourtnee Blount, an independent dog rescuer, was driving through a Montgomery, Texas, neighborhood last week when she noticed the dog nestled up with the teddy bear on the lawn between two properties.


Blount told The Dodo, “As I turned the corner, I saw him lying there with the bear.” “I suppose he took it from someone’s garbage because there was a lot of other rubbish surrounding him.”

Blount continued, “It crushed my heart. It was heartbreaking.”


Because many individuals in that neighborhood let their dogs run free, Blount originally assumed the dog belonged to someone. But when she questioned around, no one claimed him, and other locals said they had seen the dog around for a month.

Blount uploaded photographs of the puppy with his teddy bear on Facebook, begging for help, and another independent rescuer called Destiny Swatzel offered. However, when Swatzel went to get the puppy, whose rescuers called Teddy, she believed she was too late.


Swatzel told The Dodo, “I went looking for him on Monday and discovered him lying in the middle of the road.” “I truly believed he was deceased and went into panic mode.”

When Swatzel stepped out of her car and approached him, Teddy raised his head — and Swatzel exhaled a sigh of relief.


Swatzel explained, “I whistled for him to come to me.” “He strolled right up to me and let me slip a leash around him.”

Swatzel observed the teddy bear as well, but decided not to take it because it had recently rained, and the bear was damp and moldy. Teddy the dog, on the other hand, no longer required his bear because he now had humans who cared for him.


Swatzel quickly checked Teddy for a microchip, but there was none to be found. He also lacked a collar or anything else that would identify a previous owner.

“He threw up chicken bones, pieces of plastic, pebbles, and leaves in the car,” Swatzel claimed. “He had obviously been surviving on the streets.”


Swatzel brought Teddy back to her house, where she fed him, bathed him, and let him run around with her other rescue dogs. Later that day, Teddy traveled to what was intended to be his foster home with fellow rescuer Mary St. Dizier, but it turned out to be his forever home.

Teddy captivated St. Dizier from the moment she laid eyes on him. “I sobbed,” St. Dizier said. “I knew he was staying with me.”


Teddy, who has been renamed Blue, enjoys playing with his new dog brother, Bear, and cat sister, Patches. He also enjoys visiting the dog park and receiving belly massages while lounging on the sofa.

“He’s doing fantastic,” St. Dizier stated. “He’s a nice, well-mannered dog. He’s a cute little baby.”

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