The Baby Sleeps With His Head Resting On The Puppy’s Nose Right Next To Him!

Best friends for life…!

What a precious memory to have of your little one and their buddy. A once in a lifetime event. Absolutely adorable

There is nothing better than a baby being born next to a puppy; they will grow up together, and the dog will always protect the baby like a little brother!

These two adorable friends have been together since birth; whether it’s a trip to the park or learning to crawl, the baby will use clumsy hands to caress this adorable furry friend, and they will read books together even though they both don’t understand, the moments they share are simply priceless.

A video recently captured the moment a baby was napping with an unknown nose sticking out right next to him, perhaps no one will guess, so I’ll tell you it’s a dog’s nose. Maybe they just messed around with each other all day and decided it was time to go home, cuddle, and nap!

Dogs are also excellent teachers. This helpful dog is demonstrating how to crawl to his human siblings! It won’t be long before these two are running around playing hide and seek, sure that the baby won’t be able to beat his four-legged friend in this game!

Simply put, dogs make excellent companions for children, and children, in turn, make excellent companions for dogs. What a precious memory to have of your child and their pal. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Nothing more Precious then the bond between a child and a Pet , And A dog will be that child’s protector for Life 

Also teaches children about Love, caring and Loyalty…!

Watch the heartwarming moment in video below:

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