The dog clings to the shores of Lake Lytham after bеing cаught in thе wаtеr аt night

A dog was rescued from a lake close to Lytham after spending the night submerged.

The German Shepherd dog was seen this morning hanging around by the Fairhaven Lake shores (March 25). The dog was saved with help from the Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service, Lancashire Police, and members of the public. The dog has been given to the neighborhood RSPCA and is safe.

The dog is being cared for by the Veterinary Health Centre, and the owner will need to provide proof that the dog is actually theirs. In an effort to track down the dog’s owner, police said they will also conduct searches surrounding the lake. They have requested information from you.

A German Shepherd dog got stranded in the water at Fairhaven Lake this morning after spending the night there, according to a social media report, which the Fylde Police are aware of.

“We can confirm that our Lancs Fire & Rescue colleagues and other members of the public saved the dog, which was an excellent outcome.

“The local RSPCA is now taking good care of the dog. To try and locate the owner of the dog, we will conduct CCTV searches in the area of the lake.

“Were you nearby at the time? Do you recall anything? Is your dog here? If so, kindly report it online or by calling 101 and referencing today’s log number 0243. We appreciate your efforts.”

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