The Dog Couldn’t Stop Smiling When He Realized That He Was Rescued And Safe.

Now that he has been saved, he appears to be very happy.

Dogs are more devoted than people. They love you without conditions. I’m overjoyed for this dog.

Sanford used to be called a “broken dog,” but these days he’s all smiles.

He was hit by a car and rendered immobile; animal control was able to save him. Sanford did not receive the necessary medical care during that time because the shelter [lacked resources]. Physically and mentally broken, he was.

Thankfully, Sanford was rescued from the shelter by a Dallas DogRRR volunteer. The major adjustment was made when Velazquez took care of Sanford.

I am currently on my 52nd foster, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had anyone as jovial as him, Velazquez said. No other animal or person, not even my own pets, has ever looked at me the way he does. In essence, the only times he is not grinning are when he is eating or asleep.

Even after everything that occurred, he is still kind and sweet.

Sanford is content in his foster home and is eagerly awaiting an adoptive family who will love him.

Sanford deserves a forever home, and we hope he will soon be adopted.

The foster should think about adopting him in this situation. He must be madly in love with this relationship! 

I’m very thrilled this baby has a wonderful family. I greatly appreciate it.

What a difference it makes when he understands that his future is bright, beginning with being saved! adore it

Happy ending, thankful that somebody step up to adopt these poor animals, and hoping he has a very satisfied home.

May God shine down on this adorable fur baby and the people who adopted him, allowing you both to enjoy each other’s company for a very long time.

Godspeed to all of them!

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